• Cara LoBianco

Exercise Follow Up

Let’s check in on our exercise goals. Whether your goals are big or small it’s important to keep touching base to see how you’re making progress. The example goal was to walk after dinner for 30 minutes, 3 times per week. If the goal wasn’t met that’s alright. We’re just going to keep working on it until it is a habit. Progress is about consistency.

So what’s stopping you? What has been in the way of you meeting your goals? Is it lack of time? Lack of equipment? No energy? Be honest with yourself about why you haven’t moved your body this week. Whatever your reason is, write it down and list out ideas to overcome this obstacle. No answer is out of the question. So write it all down. Brainstorm at 10-20 ideas. Now pick one out to practice and remember your “why.” Again, exercise is meant to help you not hinder you.

For those of you who accomplished your goal, great. Now let’s add to it. Add 1 or 3 more days of activity, increase the duration of each session or add a different activity type. Whatever gets YOU motivated. Just a reminder this might be different from your gym partner, significant other, sibling, etc. This is whatever motivates YOU. Good luck.

Keep pedaling,


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