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Exercise is Medicine

Raise your hand if you are prescribed at least one medication. Go ahead, don't be shy. According to the Center for Disease Control, 48% of Americans are prescribed at least one medication. Common diagnoses resulting in use of medication include high blood pressure, high blood sugars, high cholesterol, anxiety/depression and acid reflux just to name a few. Then add, 24% of the population is taking three or more medication and 12% are taking five mediations or more. The prescription of multiple medications typically is a result of side effects from the original prescription. And you continued this cycle until you are classified as polypharmacy defined as taking greater than four medications. Not only can this be toxic to your body but it is also overwhelming, not to mention expensive.

Wouldn't it be great to fix all these issues with fewer medications? Well my friends, that would be called physical activity. Moving your body. Physical activity has the ability to lower blood pressure, blood sugar, "bad" cholesterol in addition to increase "good" cholesterol, endorphins (a fun chemical in your brain that improves mood), boosts your immune system, clears skin, builds strong bones and so many wonderful things we all strive for.

So why doesn't everyone do this? If it's so great, how come there aren't people lining the streets to do it? There are countless reasons people don't perform the recommended amounts of exercises (which we will unravel in posts to come). "I have no time," I'm too tire," "I don't know how," "It's not fun," "It's too much work," etc. These are some of the excuses I hear about exercising.

I have good news for you. It's okay to feel this way. I feel it too. But if we keep doing the same things every day from making the same excuses every day we will never improve or get better. So we are going to make this change together. Exercise is suppose to make you feel better not stressed or overwhelmed. For that reason, we are going to find the sweet spot. Balance. This way you will feel in control and inspired to be a better you each day.

Keep pedaling,


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