• Cara LoBianco

Hydration Follow Up

We haven’t talked water in awhile. How are things going toward your hydration goal? For those of you who are on the right track, good job! Keep it up. If you have struggled to meet the goal every day I am going to encourage you to dig deep here and identify the obstacles in the way of achieving the goal you’ve set. What would help you climb over those obstacles? Maybe reach out to someone you trust to help identify a solution here. And remember, keep it simple.

One thing to keep in mind during a period of difficulty is the reason that you started. Here are some fun facts about water that might motivate you to push through these obstacles:

🚲 Water makes up and maintains blood volume in order to properly carry nutrients to their destination and maintain safe blood pressure

🚲 Water participates in the process of creating energy for body functions including muscle contractions for movement

🚲 Water helps maintain body temperature to create an optimal environment for body functions

🚲 Water lubricates joints

🚲 Water maintains skin composition to keep you safe from the outside environment

🚲 Water creates moist environments for both the digestive system and respiratory system to work properly

🚲 Water filters the kidneys to keep them working at their peak

🚲 Overall, water is a great helper for all systems in the body to keep things working smoothly

1. William J Kraemer, S.J.F., Michael R Deschenes, Exercise Physiology Integrating Theory and Application. Vol. 1. 2006, Baltimore: Wolters Kluwer.

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