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Hydration Station

Like exercise, water has an infinite amount of benefits. Digestion, mood, immunity, clear skin and many more are all associated with proper hydration. But as we know, just because something is important doesn’t make it easy to implement into every day life. How many of you have so many things on your desk that by the end of the day you realize you didn’t even look up from your computer? Let alone drink a glass of water, get up to use the rest room or even take a deep breath. Trust me. I’ve been there and done that. This is why it is so important to establish good habits. When you have an extra busy day or find an excuse not to drink water you don’t even have to think about incorporating it into your day, it’s automatically there once it has become habitual.

But wait. There’s also the, “I don’t enjoywater,” and/or “It’s so challenging to drink the appropriate amount of water.” I get it. This goal sounds really nice in theory but tends to be super overwhelming. Not to mention you spend the entire day running to the rest room. So I am going to encourage you to find your balance once again. Not too much. Not too little.

Here’s where I like to start. Small, manageable goals. I will drink 4 cups of water per day for 3 weeks. 4 cups doesn’t sound so bad right? That’s 2 water bottles. On in the morning. One in the afternoon. Manageable and not overly intimidating. And we can always progress from there. But as for right now, you just have to commit to 2 water bottles per day.

If that is still feeling overwhelming, let’s brainstorm some barriers that may be keeping some of us from achieving this goal.

Number 1: memory. It is easy to forget to have water. Designate a water bottle or cup to that is always filled and with you. You can also try, keeping a water bottle in every room you use regularly. That way it is always available to you. Another tip is to keep a case of water bottles in your car for emergencies. Try what works for you.

Number 2: accessibility. It’s not convenient or safe to drink in your office or home. Be resourceful here. Bring water with you from home to the office if it’s not easy to get water at work. Take advantage of filters for the faucet or water bottles with filters built in. This may take a little planning but you’ll make your goals easier for yourself in the long run.

Number 3: taste. Drinking water is BORE-ING! I’m with ya! So let’s jazz it up a bit. Try some flavor drops. Or if you prefer a more natural approach, lemon slices or infused water are great options to add a little kick to your H2O. This may also take some planning but once you make it a habit it will become second nature. Be sure to check back here for our infused water post next week.

In summary, those are some ideas to get you started in making a change toward proper hydration. If you think of other barriers you’ve experienced with this goal please reach out and we will brain storm some solutions together. Don’t be shy. I want to help you find your balance. And as always…

Keep pedaling,


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