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Love What You Do

In honor of all the love in the air this week, I would like to inspire a romance with physical activity. Waking up every morning knowing you have to exercise seems to be a big gray rain cloud that looms over a lot of us. This does not make it easy to get to the gym, take a class or go for a walk around the neighbor. If you don’t enjoy something, you’re going to have a much harder time getting it done.

I’d like to present these scenarios in a different light. We could wake up excited to participate in an activity that is fun, specific to us and something we look forward to in a busy schedule. We just need to find what activity gives us this electricity and excitement.

Exercise comes in all forms. And any way you move your body is better than sitting around. Sitting has a time and a place but we are looking for balance here. Our bodies are not designed to sit all day long. Sprinkling in physical activity that we enjoy will off set all the sitting that is required of us throughout the day.

Finding something you really love and enjoy will make it easier to make physical activity part of your routine and you will start to look forward to that part of your day. Below is a list of activities you can do for exercise. I want to encourage you to choose one you have never done before. The goal here is to find something you will enjoy and that you will stick to.

· Walking at a new park

· A scavenger hunt

· Disc golf

· Rock climbing (in a gym or in nature)

· Kayaking

· Skiing

· Hiking

· Boxing

· Yoga (in person class or online video)

· Pilates (in person class or online video)

· Acrobatics

· Gymnastics

· Dancing

· Gardening

· Wiffle ball (in a league or in the backyard with the kids)

· Kickball (in a league or in the backyard with the kids)

· Swimming

· Cycling

· Jogging

· Gym with a friend

· A game of tag with the kids

· Roller blading

· Paddle boarding

· Pickle ball (in a league or in the backyard with the kids)

· Training for a race

· Peloton class

· Volleyball (in a league or in the backyard with the kids)

· Pick up basketball

· Golf

· Tennis

· Horseback riding

· Etc.

The list can go on for miles. Let me know what form of exercise inspires you. Just as a reminder, please make sure to practice proper safety while participating in any of these activities. Helmets, pads and/or life jackets may be required. So plan accordingly. Find something you love and have fun!

Keep pedaling,


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