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Never Say Never

Don’t eat carbs.

Eliminate red meat from your diet.

Never drink milk.

Always meditate before bed.

Everyone should perform intense core workouts daily.

HIIT workouts are the only workouts worth doing.

The dos and don’ts go on and on. We are constantly bombarded with information about our bodies. But guys, life is not black and white. Life is a series of “it depends” answers.

We’ve been talking about ways to over come barriers and be prepared for struggles in your life but sometimes life hits you in ways you didn’t prepare for. It’s okay to fumble every once in a while. Sometimes you have a day when all you do is binge watch Friends. Sometimes you have a day when you don’t get all the vegetables you need. Sometimes you forget your water bottle at home. Sometimes you want a juicy steak. Some weeks it is impossible to find time to exercise or do that home exercise program your physical therapist gave you (shameless plug alert). Those are all normal and okay.

It is NOT okay to feel guilty or shameful about these things. But it is also not okay to ignore these things. These fumbles are periods of time we need to reflect and brainstorm ways to change them. If you’re eating nothing but chicken nuggets and ice cream every day you’re going to be feeling pretty yucky. So, when you find yourself in a version of these scenarios take the time to slow down and listen to what your body is telling you. I’m confident you’ll find your body looking for some balance.

As usual, the key word here is balance. You can’t always do exactly what you’re “supposed” to do but you have to keep trying to find your happy medium. Let yourself have the foods you love in moderation. Watch a couple episodes of your favorite show and doing some squats in between episodes. And everyone is different. So what works for you might not be what works for your neighbor. You have the freedom to balance your own habits. Remember, life is not black and white. Never say never to any piece of advice.

If you’re having a hard time filtering your health and wellness advice or finding your balance you always have the Balancing Bicycle community to reach out to. As a physical therapist with a background in nutrition and dietetics I have plenty of resources for you all and am happy to help. In addition, your local family doctor, physical therapist, dietitian or mental health counselor will be happy you walked through the door. You’d be surprised who’s willing to help you and answer your questions.

Keep pedaling,



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