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Portion Control

We are going to keep rolling off our discussion on simplicity for a bit. I want to talk about how proper portion control can make weight loss and healthy eating a little simpler for you. Controlling the amount of food you eat per meal is an easy way to eat the foods you love by decreasing your caloric intake at the same time.

Diets can be very restrictive, have many rules and appear unclear and tough to follow. This tends to feel over complicated and overwhelming leaving us to abandon our goals. I don’t want that for you. I want to help you attain your goals. For this reason, I avoid recommending fad diets. Instead, I educate my patients about the benefits of controlling food portions to follow the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics guidelines.

The Cleveland Clinic reported which household items represent how much you should eat. So let’s grab some tools to help us determine how much of each food we should eat. We’ll need a deck of cards, a set of dice, a tennis ball and a golf ball. Now let’s look at the match ups.

Deck of cards ➡️ Meat

2 Dice or Tip of the Thumb ➡️ Oils, Butters, Dressing

Tennis Ball ➡️ Fruit and Vegetables

½ Tennis Ball ➡️ Rice and Pasta

Golf Ball ➡️

Nuts and Cheese

This should hopefully get your wheels turning and allow you to visualize how much of each food you should be eating. Allowing yourself to eat your favorite foods in moderation should help you stay on track toward your healthy eating goals. As always, give this a try and reach out with any comments, questions or concerns you have.

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“Controlling Portion Sizes.” Cleveland Clinic,

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