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Better Together

Over the weekend, I was working with my mom to get her 5k finished for the #FindYourBalanceChallenge. We were walking around the track when she told me she enjoyed the walk but found it boring to do it by herself when I’m not around. I suggested calling her friends to walk and talk with her. We immediately brainstormed about 10 people she could ask to join her for her next walk. This is a win-win because not only is she getting the benefits of exercise but her friends will too and my mom gets the social interaction she enjoys.

How many of you have been in a similar situation? Wanting to get out and do something while also sharing the experience with someone else. How many of you feel like you have so many people to stay in touch with but don’t have the time to spend quality time with them? Finding balance in your social life in the midst of lengthy to-do lists can be tricky. But there are so many benefits to being with friends and families including all the learning that comes from social interactions, warming our hearts and making us feel like we belong. Here at Balancing Bicycle we propose you check two things off your list at once.

What better way to stay connected with your friends and family than to do something great for your bodies and exercise together? Calling a friend to meet up at the gym (once they’re open again) or going for a walk together are great ways to not only get your steps in but also connect with someone you care about. We learned that this a great way to stay engaged, motivated and consistent with workouts from this month’s mentor, Nick. His group of friends meet at the gym and complete numerous physical challenges together to stay connected but also stay fit.

I get it. Not everyone is in one place. One blessing to this COVID Quarantine has been that virtual meetings have improved and getting together with people from all over is becoming even more frequent. Let’s take advantage of this by continuing to stay in touch with people we love while staying active. Give them a call while you’re doing an at home work out or pedaling around the neighborhood on your bike.

We can take this concept one step further. For those of you with children who find it hard to get away to perform your daily physical activity, take them with you. Even better, help them participate. Children learn from watching what people do around them. The best way to teach them healthy habits is to lead by example. The obesity epidemic is affecting so many people, including children. In the case of obesity, is it easier to provide the tools to prevent this problem than it is to react to it. Let’s all work TOGETHER to prevent this problem with consistency of activity and healthy life long habits by starting NOW with today’s children.

By the end of your workout with someone you care about, you will feel so good that you wish you could keep going so your quality time with them won’t come to an end. Take advantage of this support system by calling someone special today to join you in your quest to staying healthy. Share this with a friend and tell us about your next bout of activity together.

Keep pedaling,


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